Invent, Design, Evolve, Apply - the process of development stands at the core of our mission. Design for the end user, incorporate compatibility, and challenge the conventional means...

Ideations is a full service Industrial Design and fabrication shop located in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. We specialize in product development, rapid prototyping, and short-run manufacturing. In addition, our in-house CNC systems are great for carving and sculpting dimensional signage from HDU, PVC, MDF, aluminum and many other non-ferrous materials.

From Strong Angel to ShadowBowl, Desert Bloom to the First Flight Centennial, Ideations founder, Matt Carbone, has been on an international adventure working to solve real-world problems since 1997. Collaborating with the SSF team, Matt has developed and manufactured products to meet the needs of end users across the globe. This experience and knowledge is now applied to the Massachusetts based company - ideations. Ideations has been solving product development and manufacturing issues using practical, and often unconventional means to deliver sensible, end-user focused concepts to reality.

Ideations keeps work local to the community it serves, and manufactures products up to 10,000 units in house. Our shop employs designers, engineers, and craftsman to collaborate on projects that deliver unique solutions to a variety of industries, from aerospace to signage and almost everything in between.

Whether you are looking for a solid wood children's ladder, a cable tensioner, HDPE orthotic adapter, or custom carved award for a special event, you'll find a solution at ideations. Visit our lobby for samples of our products and find inspiration to create your next product. Please contact us to make an appointment with one of our designers and see what's possible!

Our innovations have found new solutions to many problems in product development and fabrication, perhaps we can provide the solution you've been searching for. Please contact us for more information.

For more information, please send email to:
Matt Carbone
or call 978-696-1998


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